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Exclusive Services

Customers can sign up for RewardWise and unlock a world of rewards and benefits. Earn loyalty points for purchases from your favorite businesses, get rewarded for successful recommendations, and redeem these points for exciting rewards and discounts. Create experiences for your peers by collaborating with businesses. Review your favorite local businesses and help other customers discover them. Join RewardWise now to build lasting relationships with the businesses you trust.

Check Balance and Write Reviews

Our customer-centric approach allows you to conveniently check your loyalty point balance, your membership status, and review your transaction history. Stay up-to-date with the perks and track your progress towards exciting rewards. Furthermore, we value your feedback, and you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and write reviews, providing valuable insights to the business and fellow customers.


Check Membership Status and Visitation Frequency

Transparency is the key to building trust and ensuring that you fully enjoy the perks of being a loyalty program member. On our Customer Page, you can easily verify your membership status, including your membership tier and the associated benefits. This empowers you to understand and make the most of the rewards and privileges that come with your membership. Additionally, you can keep track of your visitation frequency, providing a clear overview of your engagement with the program.


Sign up for Experiences

As a loyalty program member, you deserve exclusive experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Our Customer Page enables you to explore and sign up for exciting events and experiences offered exclusively by the local businesses you trust. From VIP events to early access to new products or services, we ensure that being a loyal customer comes with added value. Stay updated on upcoming events, and don't miss out on the extraordinary experiences that await you.

Step 1:

Install Rewardwise App from app store

Step 2:

Click on 'Login' if you already have an account or click on 'Signup' to create new account

Step 3:

Click on 'Login' if you already have an account or click on 'Signup' to create new account

Step 4:

Login or Signin using your Mobile no. or Email ID

Step 5:

Login or Signin using your Mobile number or Email ID

Step 6:

Verify your mobile number (or email ID) by OTP

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