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Tailored Features for Salon Excellence

At  Rewardwise, we offer compelling reasons for selecting our services for your Salon/Spa. Our comprehensive package includes an array of benefits designed to elevate your business operations and customer interactions. In a single app, we provide:

  • A POS system where customers can book services in your salon/spa in-person or from the comfort of their homes.

  • A loyalty program management system where customers can track their points

  • A membership authentication system where you can create  subscriptions like Pamper Me Monthly( A monthly spa subscription that includes a massage, facial, or other spa treatment of the customer's choice)

  • A system to track the total number of orders and assess inventory accordingly

  • A simple portal for you to send out offers and event notifications to customers in near real-time

  • Access real-time reports and data analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions and enhance your salon/sap’s overall performance.

  • Customers expect to transact with ease. Go online in minutes by enabling hassle-free online bookings. Enrich your patrons' experience while boosting sales. Our integrated platform will help you reach there.

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