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Club ITC Loyalty Program: An Excellent Choice with Room for Even More


Club ITC, the loyalty program offered by ITC Hotels, has made a significant impact on the Indian hospitality scene. Over the years, it has established itself as a transparent, flexible, and easy-to-use loyalty program. However, even with its numerous accolades and advantages, there is still potential for further improvement.

The Good:

1. Recognition and Awards:

The program's recognition as the "Program of the Year" at the Freddie awards is a testament to its excellence. It showcases that Club ITC is committed to providing top-notch benefits to its members.

2. Exclusive Member Benefits:

The program's promise of exclusive benefits across a vast network of 80+ hotels in India is highly appealing. These benefits include access to award-winning restaurants, rejuvenating wellness centers, and contactless redemption options for various hotel experiences.

3. Tiered Benefits:

Club ITC's tiered structure, which offers escalating rewards as members move up the ranks, is a great incentive for loyalty. Free stays, room upgrades, dining experiences, and spa therapies add significant value for loyal customers.

4. Simplicity and Transparency:

The program's simplicity, where 1 Green Point equals Re. 1, is easy for members to understand. The clear and transparent earning structure encourages engagement and participation.

5. Member-Only Rates:

The additional savings of up to 10% on bookings made through the website is a compelling offer. It encourages direct bookings and benefits both the hotel and the customer.

Areas for Improvement:

1. Enhanced Communication:

While the program has a lot to offer, it can benefit from better communication to ensure members are fully aware of the benefits and how to use them. Regular emails, notifications, and an easy-to-navigate website can help achieve this.

2. Faster Green Points Redemption:

The ability to redeem Green Points for hotel experiences is a significant draw, but faster redemption processing can make the program even more attractive. Speedier access to rewards can improve the overall member experience.

3. More Partnerships and Benefits:

Expanding the program's partnerships with airlines, travel providers, and other businesses could add diversity to the redemption options, making it even more appealing.


Club ITC is undoubtedly a powerful loyalty program, offering a wide array of benefits and recognition for its members. However, by addressing areas such as communication, faster redemption, additional partnerships, and a dedicated mobile app, ITC Hotels can take this loyalty program to new heights and continue to provide exceptional value to its customers.

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