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Taj Hotel's NeuPass Loyalty Program: A Customer's Perspective


Taj Hotel, one of India's renowned luxury hotel chains, recently introduced its loyalty program called NeuPass, aimed at enhancing the experience of its guests. While the program is certainly a step in the right direction, there are areas where it could be improved to become even more attractive to customers.

The Good:

1. Seamless Migration:

The transition from the existing Taj InnerCircle to NeuPass is seamless and customer-friendly. Keeping the membership number the same and allowing access via a mobile number makes the shift hassle-free, ensuring that customers don't lose any of their hard-earned loyalty points.

2. NeuCoins Conversion:

Converting TajInnerCircle points into NeuCoins at a 1:1 ratio (1 NeuCoin = 1 INR) is a fair and straightforward conversion process. It ensures that customers can easily understand and use their accumulated loyalty points.

3. Cardless Program:

Going cardless is a welcome step in the digital age. Customers can now access their loyalty benefits without the need for physical cards, making it more convenient and eco-friendly.

4. Flexible Use of NeuCoins:

Allowing customers to use NeuCoins freely with no minimum spend is a significant improvement. This flexibility empowers customers to redeem their rewards as and when they choose, enhancing the sense of value.

5. Earn and Use Across Brands:

The ability to earn and use NeuCoins across different brands within the NeuPass network is a compelling feature. It provides guests with a broader spectrum of choices and experiences within the Taj family of hotels.

Areas for Improvement:

1. Faster NeuCoins Crediting:

Waiting for up to 7 days for NeuCoins to be credited after checkout may seem too long for some customers. A faster crediting process would enhance the overall user experience.

2. Personalized Offers:

Implementing a system to offer personalized discounts and promotions based on customer preferences and past stay history could make the program more engaging and attractive to loyal customers.


Taj Hotel's NeuPass loyalty program is a positive step towards enhancing the customer experience. While it offers many attractive features, there is always room for improvement. By focusing on clearer communication, faster rewards crediting, and exploring additional earning opportunities, Taj Hotel can elevate NeuPass to a world-class loyalty program that truly values and rewards its loyal guests.

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